Shine out a light for what is coming
That which you’ve left
Who you’re becoming
Don’t change your world for someone else
You have the power to trust yourself
The path ahead may wind and waver
Persistence works in your good favor
Though often life gives cause to grieve
There’s always light, if you believe

Gloom is just a Passing Thing

While staring down your darkest days,
When all seems lost, and purpose fades;
Search out the smallest hint of light,
That spark means you've still strength to fight.
For gloom is just a passing thing;
A visitor who sleeps within.
For just past discontent towards living,
You'll feel your grand purpose beginning.


Choose to be fearless
Choose to be strong
Choose to do right
When others do wrong

Choose to be happy
Choose to take care
You may find your power has always been there

Choose to show love
Choose to spread peace
If troubles stay with you, then grant them release

Though your life may bring pain
With the storms you go through,
How you handle the rain
Is a choice up to you.

One Shot

Disclaimer – I wrote this poem for a writing prompt… I am not a murderer.

Mums and pansies hid a plot
Tucked back in the unnamed woods
Years ago, one fired a shot
And one’s blood spilt o’er stolen goods
The night was black and still as stone
The moonlight shone with blinding glare
The one still standing stood alone
And hid his sin in the earth there

Harnessed Souls

Yearning for peace, I lust for the night,
For moonlight is all that can make me feel whole;
In wake of the trauma and all of the plights
That shattered my essence with what this world stole.
Yet, when I look up and see all the stars
That shine on for eons long after they’re dead,
I think of the wonders of all that we are
As souls merely harnessed by what’s in our heads.

On Our Own

Dark as the shadows,
Dark as your dreams,
While your waking world never has been what it seems;
As the smile that you wear
Speaks to all being fine,
In a mind led by fear,
Things are much more unkind;
And though many may offer
An ear while you grieve,
That’s the time, I’ve found,
Many more people will leave;
As we are, mind and body,
And soul, flesh, and bone,
In the end, come what may, we all die on our own.


I’m drowning and I don’t know why
        For all I wanted was to fly
Great heights above what’s left me scarred
        To be among the moon and stars
I’d ᶠˡᵒᵃᵗ along the Milky Way
        And far beyond, past yesterday
I’d diͥssoͦlvͮeͤ into space and time
        Leave no trace of my broken mind

The Best of Me

Tracing back the time
Staring at photos on a shelf
Remembering how I thought
I’d found true love
Instead, I lost myself
First granting access to my heart
For I was young and I was blind
You slowly stole all my resolve
And soon
I let you take my mind
Now here I stand
An empty shell
You still possess the best of me
Until what’s lost has been restored
How am I ever to be free?

Dreams of You

You speak to me in dreams
and it’s just as if you’re here;
I dread the act of waking,
for that’s when you disappear…
So what if it’s been years –
oh so long since you’ve been gone;
You never said goodbye,
so how am I to move on?
There’s no set time for grief,
There’s no threshold for pain,
I’ll just await the hour
when I dream of you again.


Lungs cease breathing, heart stops beating,
Brain is slowing, life is ending;
That is only our perception,
As we can’t see what’s transcending.
Atoms changing and releasing,
Adventitiously diffusing,
Scattering into the cosmos
Before once again infusing
Into new form, new shape, same soul,
Though fragmented, once again whole,
Souls, through time, shall keep returning,
‘Til the hour they’ve finished learning.

The Dusk of the Last Hour

Death is a cloud that’s loomed around me
Taking so many that I’ve loved,
While earth’s gnarled roots may often ground me
Dark mists have seized my world above;
Now I look warily o’er my shoulder
And how I pray to the unknown
For some blest essence just to hold her
And keep her safe from leaving home.
Yet tis not mine to bear that power,
Death meets us when our time’s been reached;
And in the dusk of her last hour
I beg that we may both find peace.

Not What I Dreamed

When I think of being free
I think of eighteen…
The rain pouring down like a floodgate had broken,
We ran home in bare feet, laughing and joking;
We felt so alive then,
The whole world was open,
So many nights we talked, planning and hoping
What life might look like in ten, twenty years,
We never thought it would be spent with so many fears;
I’d like to go back there,
Hit pause, never leave…
The world we’ve arrived in
Is not what I dreamed.


It’s time to let go – it’s time you be forgiven
For building a life on surviving, not living
You’ll learn how to walk, one foot after the other
And be unafraid to reach out for another
There’s no use in looking back, dwelling in grief
So focus ahead, keep your strength up, and breathe
The world can be cruel – never fail to be kinder
And always remember, you are a survivor